October 23, 2015

Tawakkul and Insecurity

image taken from twitter

Tawakkul or the Reliance [on God] is characteristic of Sufi and a desired mental state of the believer in Islam.

The modern revolution in lifestyle of mankind although has brought much ease in daily life activities, however it has been stripped of many opportunities of experiencing the life in its true form, hence besetting the continuity of human experience.

The recent surge of mechanicalization in our lives has deprived us from meditation and introspection, thus making us away from ourselves. Consequently, losing a chance to know our hidden mental capabilities, capacities, immunities, strengths, many of feelings and qualities like perseverance.

As the perseverance not found in personality, the sense of insecurity took its place. And this sense of insecurity started as moral blemishes and has grown into a motive leading to heinous crime.

People refusing to marry their loved one, divorcee or widower or unwed ladies or unwed couples deciding to abort sufficiently formed fetus in womb, acts of charity and sharing are going to become rare phenomena, and many other like miseries of humanity - a gift of this sense of insecurity.

You need drunkard’s love lost himself in last ever tavern of the beloved and got his heart shattered like a last ever cup of unknown sacred wine, and you need music of purification, dance of forgetful serenity, and most importantly the trust in God and the unshakeable faith, i.e. not that of the stereotype ostentatious performances made without any sincere heart, but you need the faith and trust which takes its roots deep into your heart and magnifies your conscious to the higher plains of your being and knowing.

At this juncture and without referring to any religion specifically, I would like to quote some motivational Quotes from the world heritage.

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” Zenrin KushĂ»

 (Note: Not a religious article. Readers' own judgment is desired.)