September 14, 2009

Meditation on Divine love

"Out beyond the ideas of
wrongdoing andright doing, there is a
field. I will meet you


"O my Lord, Sustainer of all that lives, Your real face is covered by Your dazzling effulgence. Kindly remove that covering and exhibit Yourself to Your pure devotee"
- Isha Upanishad

mediation on Divine Love:

I used to do the following meditation, and I remember, these became the most memorable and joyous moments of my life. In the last few hours of night, before breaking up of the early morning. It is the time when the blessings and mercies of Allah can be felt showering on the world at a close distance.. and very fresh feeling can be caught on by the normal senses (even though if the mind was tired and sleepless whole night). The place feels to be filled with freshness and cool light (or Nur) peaceful to heart, which can be seen with the open eyes of heart. The freshness of such night-time multiplies in the sacred month of Ramadan.

Such silent hours are replete with resplendent moments of timeless ecstasy and full of the pleasures of the Divine intimacy. These proactive moments can be made great by offering prayer (Salat Tahajjud) to Allah. As prayer is a devotional meditation, in which the man is in meeting with Allah and he can whisper share his secrets and intimacies with the Allah. Reading the holy scripture Quran, or Sufi writings is also enlightening. Sufi or slow instrumental - like whirling dervish's flute, or sitar music may also be used to elicit the spiritual feelings, contemplation on the true love of Allah, and meditation on the Divine manifestation.

Rise early at dawn, when our storytelling begins.
In the dead of the night, when all other doors are locked,
the door for the Lovers to enter opens.
Be wide awake in the dark when Lovers
begin fluttering around the Beloved's window,
like homing pigeons arriving with flaming bodies.

~Abu-Said Ibn Abil-Kheir