December 25, 2007


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Always you alledged me of keeping viels of distance..

because you never realised my presence which was always beside..

who always kept veils of hesitation, it was you..

and never opened eyes ..
and remained deprived..

I am beautiful.. and fair .. and true!
then what for reluctance gets on you!

shed these veils ;
and come in my arms!

(c) afterwind

December 24, 2007

My urdu story link

I wrote a short story (by the name: "روگ") in urdu some years ago in the past. I am providing external link to that story in the following:

I shall try to put an english translated version of story in the future. Inshallah

A sufi and a dog story

Photo source: Don't go-Stay there by Arun Kumar Sinha

"Bayazid Bistami"

Bayazid encountered a dog and started to pull his robe away from it, so that it should not defile him.

The dog in a human voice, said :
'If I had been dry, there would have been no purpose in avoiding me. If I had been wet, you could have washed your robe. But the hate which you have towards me can never be cleansed.'

Bayazid said :
'O enlightened dog, come and stay with me for a while.'

The dog answered :
'That is impossible, because the world uses me as an epithet, and you are regarded by the world as a paragon.'

Bayazid exclaimed :
'Alas! I am not fit to live with one whom the whole world regards as inferior: how can I therefore approach the Truth which all regard as the Highest of all?'

~ + ~

Upon being asked: 'What is being a sufi?' Bayazid said :
'Giving up comforts and trying to carry out efforts. That is the practice of the Sufi.'


Text Source of this Post:
THE WAY OF THE SUFI by Idries Shah , Arakana Penguin Books

Poetry: ( Listen.. )

Photo source: Choobi (juee) bridge by alirezanajafian

what is your name?
where do you live?
why do you rebuke them..
by hiding yourself

let me see thee..
let me run and fly dust in the deserts..

are you love..
or beloved !

(c) afterwind

December 14, 2007

In the wine of love

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Poetry in Persian:
bu ali andar ghubaarey naaqa gum
dastey rumi pardaaey mohmil garift (Rumi)

Bu Ali (Avicenna) is lost in camel's dust
Rumi's hand caught the curtain of The Hidden!

The logician scholar trying with the power of his logic and knowledge to reach the Beloved.. but he is still lost in the dust sprung by the feet of The Beloved's camel.
Rumi who is drunkard with the wine of love.. his hand reached the last curtains hiding the Beloved.

(c) afterwind
Thanks to Sikander Ali

December 12, 2007

S E P E R A T I O N is bitter than hell !

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Why does always the left side of chest burns in pain and emotions..
Is this because it has heart.. or heart is without You!

Why do always eyes drenched in tears..
Is this because they are empty.. or You do not live in them?

Why did You made hearts and tears of the lovers..
Is this because You wanted to play with them!

(c) afterwind
Written by Tariq Rasheed

December 11, 2007

Beloveds are always beautiful!!

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A pomegranate flower and a bulbul bird became friends. The young flower was so much beautiful and delicate that the bird fell in love for him without out any notice. One day the bird thought:

"I am a bird, and a bird's nature is eating buds and flowers.. nature can never be changed.. My presence is injurious to my friend. On someday, I may lose my wits and would certainly eat my sweethart up !".

He dediced to secure the flower by offing his company and keeping himself away. The bird had made up his last decision.

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After making up his mind, he said to the flower:
"I am leaving you. Because I fear that on someday... on seeing your beautiful red petals,... being obliged by my nature, i might lose control... and eat you up!"

The flower was much hurt by this decision of separation. He uttered a question in a deep painful sorrow:
"Why are you leaving me.. Am I not beautiful like a Pomegranate flower!!?"

(c) afetrwind
written by Tariq Rasheed
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December 06, 2007

In love with a Black Engine!

Steam Train
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Once upone a time, a Sufi fell in love for black locomotive engine.. He made it habit since his childhood to get up early and go to stand alongside the railway track and pay a salute to it..

Someone asked him: "what is the reason for your love with the black locomotive engine?"

He replied: "because of its three qualities..
1. It runs over a straight path (regular track)
2. It takes people to their destinations
3. It does not dicriminate between poor and rich. It serves them all (equally), albeit whoever they are."

Note: I am doubtful about sufi's identification. Maybe he was "Pir Meher Ali Shah". His grave is situated at Golra, a rural town in outskirts of Pakistani capital Islamabad.

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