March 24, 2010

Love and pain

This pain burning my each fragment.. .

Love is sublimation, changing the material heart into the longing
Pain is condensation, changing the longing into the tears
Everything evil in the soul, perishes
and she comes purified out of the flames of this test!

Only the strong heart is capable of carrying this heavy burden
Only the strong soul has power to keep strong hope

O Mighty Lord, O Sustainer of heavens and earths!
support the stumbling hearts and fearing souls, and render the righteous-love victor!
before You, I surrender myself!

March 23, 2010

I sold myself in bazar,

I sold myself in bazar, to buy your 1 photo.. .

~ afterwind

March 14, 2010

Doubt: A dove story

While sitting on my housetop with a red Turkish hat on, I saw a fat dove coming down and finally resting on the floor. Fearlessly, though having knowledge of my presence, she started moving here and there for picking potpourri of grains. A sudden selfish thought passed across my mind, why shouldn’t I lay down a snare in order to have her. But I let this idea go, as the feeling of compassion ensnared my own thoughts then, and I started considering to developing a friendship-bond with her, and not interfering her chores. After a period of sauntering around, she stopped at a spot in open, and sat in a pleasurable sun of early noontide. An unbelievable slight sense of shining green was reflecting from her partly brown, partly gray neck. Her facial features, especially the dark black eyes, had got an aura exuding the enormous innocence. During all that time, I had developed a taste of admiration towards her and was planning for the future activities, like cereals-strewing. After noticing the fact of my looking at her, she got shy and walked ahead slowly and took cover of the column, standing between us. I backed slightly on chair in order to catch the view again, got many chances to take her photo shots. The shy model also seemed contributing in the activity, taking joy. She stayed there for a long time and showed even not a single blip over my casual movements and cores. Her trust over me was evident; she was approaching contently at a closer distance.

Much amusement was at its height, when I started believing. But soon she thought something, which made her to withdraw. And then she fluttered away into the sky.

What was the thought, which made her fly? Was it “misunderstanding”? Or “doubt”? Anyhow, it was a result of her shortsightedness.

The dove had lost a good, which could make her existence worthwhile!