March 29, 2011

Facing The Untoward!

Photo Credit: Flickr/Ahmad PK

A question may always remain in some minds: "Is it possible that one may challenge one's destiny?"

Two Extreme Versions of Philosophy

First of all let's consider the meaning of destiny? And its effect over life of human - Is man free? There are two literalistic and philosophical views found among the philosophers.

According to the stricter first view, since everything in this universe has been prefixed or predestined by Allah; the man is not responsible for his own acts, from right or wrong whatsoever.

The second view is soft and flexible, says: Man is free to choose from right or wrong, hence responsible for his acts and will be answerable to the Almighty Allah.

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Real Concern

In stead of getting lost into the fruitless debate regarding mystery of fate or destiny, man's real concern should be the choosing of the right behaviour in the time of hardship.

No doubt, things or calamities, according to ISLAM religion, have already been inscribed (Maktub) in the Book of decrees (Al Lawh Al Mahfooz), but the general Muslim public has not been encouraged to think deep into the otherworldly topic of fate or destiny. As it could be mislead them.

The real concern is how a Muslim (or a man) should behave in event of untowardness. Should he given in? Or he ought to fight for good, and right?

The real path is that, in the event of strain or hardship, one must not lose hope (La Taqnatu Min Rehmatillah), and do relentless efforts ("Al-Jihad Al-Akbar" or The greater Jihad) for the cause of justice, truth and right.

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Self-Respect of Humanity

As a poet said in his beautiful poetry verses in Urdu,

Halaat k Qadmo Main Qalandar Nahi Girta
Tootay Jo Sitara To Zameen Per Nahi Girta
Girtay Hain Samandar Main Barray Shoq Se Darya
Lekin Kisi Darya Main Samandar Nahin Girta

An ardent person (i.e.Sufi) never falls onto the feet of the circumstances.
As if a star falls, even it does't come to the ground.
Many tributaries do, happily, fall into bigger sea,
but a sea never falls into any tributary.