May 31, 2008

31 May !

A Final Summer's Sunset, originally uploaded by kosmothesynner.

True happiness is a gift for true hearts!

Whether beloved lives in eyes or heart,, no matter what!

What does really matter,, is a true heart!!

Whether an observant or a stray drunkard,, whatever!!

true heart manifests only in selfless thoughts!!


Ever have you heard a slow instrumental music?
and that time

the feeling of timelessness and non-being!!

have you ever imagined what would it look like if your beloved may reveal his beauty from the golden veil?

Have you ever thought about sweet ionic taste of losing something in his love!!

May Allah mercy over our hearts and drench our eyes with pitter-patter of His true love!


January, February, March, April.. All full of hate, anger, lust and sorrow and like them many other idols!!

'May'.. you started breaking each idol..
and at last broke the last one!!

Hence preparing a Free Hot Summer for only yours true Love!!

June is for you Oh my beloved..

None other than you!!

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