February 16, 2009

urdu poetry

خوشی میں آنکھ سے نکل گیا آنسو
کبھی ٹِکا ہی نہیں جو، جگر رہتا کیوں

ٔغمِ حیات نے زخمِ جگر گہرا کیا
شکر صدہا، پورا ہوا فسانہءِ زبوں

محفلِ یار میں بے دلی دیکھ کر بولا
"دل ہی نہیں ہے، تو پھر کیوں رہوں"


why the relentless heart (which was always sad) should have remained inside
so it shed down in the form of tear, when i was laughing

the painstaking daily life added to the previous wound made by love
thanks a lot, for the story of loss has completed

on seeing the friend's impassivity in meeting, I said myself (and left)
"My heart doesn't want to be here, then what should I stay for?"



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  2. Thanks dear for visiting my blog and appreciating my poetry. May Allah take us to the right path!