April 12, 2009

The Inception..

What is love, how does it start, how many kinds of it is, which one is real, is it a realiable way to spirituality, can it take us to God????

Sometimes it suddenly happens, like a light flashes in a short time, and have left everything burnt into ashes inside the pitiful heart. It can be invoked by the dazzling beauty of the strange beloved, when you have seen the face at the first glance. A fire of pain and unknown, ungraspable desire is kindled in the heart, which is appeased by the tears of spirtuality...

Sometimes it gradually seeps and grows and we realize later on it's strong undeniable existence, which is hard to underestimate. It has something to do between two persons' habits and living. But a new question arises here, 'does it only develop between some particular natures, or between any two from whole of the humanity?'

Is there also any other kind and cause of inception of love? if any there really is, then please also inform me.

© afterwind


  1. ah, the most difficult subject to talk about! even Rumi felt ashamed after all his life trying to write poetry of love!

    but what else can one do but to contemplate love, the only substance this universe is made of.

    "I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be Loved."

  2. yeah, you said right, what else can one do but to contemplate love. who can avoid Al-maktub!! except those on whom God may shower His mercy!

  3. Afterwind, I have been reading your posts and I get the feeling you are a Sufi saint yourself !
    Your words are so full of wisdom and that elusive beauty that is close to God only !

  4. my dear brother, I am not a saint. I am nothing but a naive man who always tumble down on the way, and like many other baffled in the small matters of every day life.

    May Allah freshen your mind up with His mercy and love, and bless you with the true wisdom, peace and love !