April 22, 2009

Abu Said Abil-Kheir Tomb

ابو سعید فضل الله بن ابی الخیر میهنی

Turkmenistan, city of Mayhaneh

Turkmenistan, city of Mayhaneh

Turkmenistan, city of Mayhaneh

April 19, 2009

Empty hands..


I begged for love
to come and fill up my heart
with its freshness

Heaven accepted my prayers
and my cravings and sobs voices
were coveyed to the love
who was busy in merry-making and comforts and pleasures
at the thousands of miles away into the celestial worlds
beyond red, green and grey mountains.. ah, the love...


ah, the love
when it listened to my cravings
stopped every of its functions
fumbled hurriedly to take its shawl patched with pink stars, wrapped around its shoulders
and that star eyed embodiment, 'the love'
rushed towards me
keeping many stars of affection, kindness and love in its hands!!


when it came to this our world,
it found a man of my 'name'.. "the human"
but it could never found the real me
standing at my address,
its face is down, and eyes are glum


it came to receive a heart..
but here is nothing, except pains, greed, wars, tears, greeds, fitna..
what else could we offer as a gift
to appease its heart, 
which had been already lost somewhere in this world and
at last it was worried for the feelings of loss of emotions
so, it's returning to its unknown world empty-handed!

© afterwind

pictures from flickr as uploaded by lancelonieAnn and Educated Savage

April 12, 2009

The Inception..

What is love, how does it start, how many kinds of it is, which one is real, is it a realiable way to spirituality, can it take us to God????

Sometimes it suddenly happens, like a light flashes in a short time, and have left everything burnt into ashes inside the pitiful heart. It can be invoked by the dazzling beauty of the strange beloved, when you have seen the face at the first glance. A fire of pain and unknown, ungraspable desire is kindled in the heart, which is appeased by the tears of spirtuality...

Sometimes it gradually seeps and grows and we realize later on it's strong undeniable existence, which is hard to underestimate. It has something to do between two persons' habits and living. But a new question arises here, 'does it only develop between some particular natures, or between any two from whole of the humanity?'

Is there also any other kind and cause of inception of love? if any there really is, then please also inform me.

© afterwind

April 06, 2009

what is love..!!!

The way where we used to meet in past,

dust swirls over there now..

because there is no more vibrations of your sound there!
life has abandoned that way,
thus making my heart dusty and full of sorrow!!"


But life can sometime be a circle
we leave sadly from one point,
and soon we find ourselves reached at the same point again happily

every pain has a cure, because
God is the Great!

April 05, 2009


Give me the most wonderful thing of your life,
Give me the deepest of your heart,
Give me the best of you.

Give me the Gift
that you hid for yourself.

The sacrifice will prove your love
and I will embrace you!

© afterwind

picture: by imarealgeek