April 26, 2010

You walked into my way..


When You crossed my way,
My heart was beaten by the overpowering delight of the eyes,
in which Your dazzling beauty was flowing out..
I got mad for years
But never recognized You!

When You put up a new face and sat beside me..
and entered into my soul through an outlandish sweet smell!
I remained in ecstasy for years
But had never recognized You!

When my life had broken,
You appeared at many places during my journey,
sometimes hiding beside an old woman offering water to this fallen body,
sometimes supporting the youth lifting this weak soul!
and finally..
by a strange feminine fairy’s face to lure away out from the death valley

Oh my Mighty Sweetheart in heavens! how do I compliment Your Great Kindness,

look at me..
I will be silent.. .

This night of separation…

I remained in Your company for years
But had never recognized You!

What a pity!

in the chase of Your unknown face.. without ever recognizing it!
this container,
being filled up with
the wines of every detail
every taste and every colour,
has jagged and finally withered away..

what a sharp-edged poison, the grief of love is..

now when I lost my own face and my own self..
lost my own name..
lost my own faith..
and became empty,

‘none, son of no one..’

this container, now ready to be filled up by Your own hands..
i am ready!
let him recognize You.. at last!

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