October 08, 2011

Learning arabic (or other languages) from online bilingual resources

The people with background of other languages and having very basic knowhow of Arabic grammer, may consider the following resources to learn modern Arabic language. Only the thing they need may be a little self-help and committment.

Online translated artciles

Few sites provide content in two languages or more. I like news sites, because they keep informatory content, and the best thing is that they let readers bored. I suggest examples below, without my any responsibility or bearing on the content available on these sites.

The problem with most news services sites is that the dissimilar articles appear in different language sections. But I didn't find such problem in CG News or Meedan websites.

Online bilingual lessons

Some sites provide online language tutorial in text with audio support. For example:
  • BBC Arabic Learning English Section
    The text articles or audio tutorial program has style like that of BBCE (i.e. a bilingual program produced by BBC for Egyptian Radio). In this style, the speaker or article utters arabic and english sententes and expressions in such a combination that it sounds interesting and comprehendible. Another good thing is that, it is informative about current news or trends. Though the lessons are for teaching English to Arabic speakers, but same can also be beneficial for English speakers if are used vice versa.
    Link: تعليم الإنجليزية

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