December 26, 2013

Importance of knowing the true essence religion


The religion lacks its true followers in present times, although there are still millions of so-called claimants of the religion in this world today.

It may possibly happen, that you may come across a person sporting long beard, regularly going to mosque or temple or on Hajj or pilgrimage, giving alms to the needy, but the other side of his life maybe totally different, as he maybe taking small amounts of bribes and causing or aiding in causing huge losses to the society.

The worship becomes ineffective and just a physical procedure, if it is performed without the belief and intention.

The Punjabi mystic Bulleh Shah by his poetry has condemned such nonsensical pretentiousness, and stressed on the importance of knowing the true essence of religion.

ایویں متھا  زمیں گھسائی دا
پا لما محراب دکھائی دا
پڑھ کلمہ لوک ہسائی دا
دل اندر سمجھ نہ لائی دا
کدی سچی بات وی لکدی اے
اک نقطے وچ گل مکدی اے

"They rub their forehead such uselessly on soil
 (In prostration during prayer),
Just for making a large prayer-bump for [the purpose of] showing.

They recite shahada (as proof of their being muslim) [just] to make people laugh,
But they never [tried to] understand [its meaning] sincerely.

Has the truth ever been concealable!
Upon a single point, the [whole] matter is settled. "

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