September 01, 2007

sincerity of seekers

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Bulleh Shah, a punjabi Sufi poet said in his poetry:

jay rabb milda naataiN dhotaiN
tay rabb milda daddouaN maachiaN nou
jay rabb milda jungul phirai
Natay rabb milda gaayaN wachiaN nou
way Bullayaa, rabb unnaaN nou milda
attay dilaiyan sachiyaN aachiyaN nou


If God was to be found through washing and bathing, then He would be found to frogs and fishes..
If God was to be found in jungles and wilderness, then He would be found to cows and buffalos..
If God was to be found in caves(?), then He would be found to bats..
Bulleh Shah!, God is found only to person who have sincerity in heart

Read Bulleh Shah's Poetry with translation

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  1. beautiful poetry as usual. i just wanted to share this encounter on 9/11 with you of a young Pakistani American:
    "A 7-Eleven on 9/11"

    * * *
    A 7-Eleven on 9/11
    Ali Khan grew up watching America from behind a 7-Eleven counter. Though his family is from Pakistan, Ali never questioned his "American-ness," until 9/11.
    * * *