August 27, 2007

God's Mercy

Mango Delight
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Punjabi Sufi Poetry:

Jai main wekhan amlaan walle, kuch naeen mere palle
Jai wekhan teri rehmat walle, balle, balle, balle
Maali da kam paani deina, par par mashkaan paawe
Maalik da kam phal phool laana, lawe ya na laawe

(Mian Muhammad Bukhsh)
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If i look at my deeds.. i have nothing as good deeds
if i look towards Yours (Allah) mercy.. then everything is OK (no need to worry)
the gardener's job is to water plants with the due diligency
and then it is upon the will of Lord (Allah) whether He may give fruit to the plant or not

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