August 18, 2007

Lost but faithful..

At a little hut (cheap restaurant) near Margala Hills, Shamsher was telling me the strange story.

Once upon a time, a man came back to his native village after living for a long time in the city. The train stopped at the little desolate station at a late hour of night. The man disembarked the train. There was complete loneliness. The village was at a little distance from the station. So, the man decided to pass the night at a dilapidated little mosque near the railway station. He entered the mosque and lay down to sleep.

After sometime, he felt as if someone was entering the mosque. He felt the strange man’s voice. He surprised to listen his voice reciting niyya for entering the Fajar (morning) prayer at that hour of night. But he felt as if morning has begun. After sometime time the strange man said niyya for Zuhr (noon) prayer. And the visitor felt as if noon has come and the sunlight entering the mosque. In this way, the man said payers of 5 different times and the time changed in accordance with his prayers. In the last and 5th time, the man said niyya for Isha (night) Prayer and with his niyya the time changed and the night fell again.

The visitor was much surprised and got impressed at this Kirama (short miracle). He decided to see the face of that strange man. The strange man had finished his prayers and now he was going out of the mosque. The visitor rose up and headed toward the strange man to get sight of his face. He again surprised. He was a madman who used to roam around the village streets. A Majzub (obsessed or lost)!

Note: Indefinite source of story

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(obsession, lost, obsessed, preoccupation, absorption, attention, concentration, malamtia)

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