October 13, 2007

Poetry: Say truth & break heart

Absence // A Short Story // 1 of 5
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(Says the Beloved - of world)

you asked me, "dear, what it is?"
then listen!

i say, take it as a game
and play it freely
take it easy

'tis game or novel, or whatever?
i dont know myself what it is
you call it whatever you want
(Lover says)

(Let the Heart be broken..
say that what is truth)

your answer may hurt me
but it will set my soul free

when i asked the truth
you said "call it wahtever you want"
even you dont know what you want yourself!

you love the present, keep engoying the feelings
you wana keep everything unclear
you dont want to know or discuss
because you fear the future

Truth is always truth
don't call it whatever you want
call it what it really is

The heart, If you dont want
Let it go off
say the truth

Say that what is truth and
Let the Heart be broken..
Let it be filled with the light of truth
(C) afterwind

Light of Truth
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  1. Alhamdulillah! This is Truth, and this is love, for they are the same, even if the heart is broken. Really beautiful :)

    Ya Haqq!

  2. The disciple of Love has spoken here and
    spilled the perfume everywhere

    Thanks for encouragement. May the Beloved embrace us completely.