February 08, 2008

night !

This night..
shaking bones,
and a mistaken heart!
and everything!
This night.. will also diminsh one morning like other nights!
O Lord of anonymous nights!
Please keep them alive..


Why should you fear of darkness of death
and desertion of grave
why do you fear of dying on some diastant way in anonymity
if in darkness, Beloved would come there,
and the grave shines!!


For Him,
The amazing flute will always be blown..
and the strings of sitar will always be plucked..
She is going to dance forever..


Every night..
When night sheds..
and the big moon rises kissing the rim of distant blue dunes
and fresh gusts of wind blow coming across the Sind River
when all the birds have gone to sleep on trees in forests
and everything is silent like death
There someone blows the eternal melody on flute
Who blows the flute!?




  1. Ah, really heartfelt and lovely :) What true alchemy there is in Love.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Dear Tariq,
    These words could only flow from a heart full of purity and His Love:)
    Really beautiful and enchanting-transported me to a another realm:)
    Keep shining dear!
    God bless you and your beloved family.
    Love, prayers and hugs for the
    Lover and The Beloved;))

  3. dear darvish :) and krishna dear :) ,

    many many thanks