February 04, 2008

Right of Lover..

Flickr Photo: An Island Fades Into Darkness,
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Right of Lover::

What is right of the lover on the Beloved (Supreme) ?

Has he right to see Him?
Has he right to weep?
Has he right for being answered?

in fact he has no right.. ,

because the Beloved owes nothing to him.. !

The lover is like a drunkard of the wine of love..
who has to lost at the Beloved's doorstep!

The lover is a caterpillar..
whose goal is to suffer the pure flames of love, for the sake of love for candle! ..
whether annihilation would result or not,
but.. "for the sake of" is his fulfillment,

May Beloved keep filling the chalice forever
and keep them absorbed in the delightful feeling of His Holy Presence,

~ afterwind ~



  1. wonderful images....may our lives be a labor of love just "for the sake of"......

  2. Beautiful blog.

    I am a spiritual seeker interested in Sufism and mysticism.

    I think I saw asked somewhere on your blog, "Who would you rather be, lover or Beloved?"

    Are not the lover and Beloved the same?

  3. beloved is not Lover
    lover is not Beloved

    even lover is not Lover
    and beloved is not Beloved

    Difference !

  4. Really beautiful and true :)

    Ya Haqq!