January 28, 2008

Two Options.. !!

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Two Options.. !!

Once a Sufi master said two options to his student.
"Let me know about what you want to be, lover or beloved!".

The student could not decide so he asked to let him go to his mother to seek her advice. The Sufi permitted and he went.


In way to home he came across a mad beggar on the street,
who asked: "Why are you looking in so much hurry"

The student told him about the options and going back for getting advice.

Beggar said: "Well. Go and seek your mother's advice. But while returning to the teacher, do not forget getting my advice too !"


The student's mother was a clever woman and she knew well about the hardships of lovers. So she said:
"It is very difficult and painful in being a lover, but it is very easy and has a beautiful feeling if you become beloved of others" She continued, "I advice you to chose to be beloved. "

After getting advice he went away to see his Sufi teacher.


The student recalled about the beggar's talk on his way. He reached his place but beggar was absent. He asked a passer-by about the mad beggar.

The passer-by said:
"I saw him on that other place. He was being led there and tormented by children, who were teasing him and hurling stones at him. "

The student reached the specified place and met beggar. The miserable beggar was sitting on the dust and his clothes had been torn off.


The beggar laughed and said:
"Your mother was right. Do you want to see the state of a lover..? , LOOK AT ME !"




  1. Dear Tariq,
    Just beautiful:) I am still considering your two options, but i rather choose to be a passionate lover than to become a beloved!!
    Its in being a true lover that is more fulfilling( irrespective of that pitiful state!)
    Keep shining dear:))
    My prayers, love and hugs:)

  2. outstanding web source for mysticism!

    I love your work and I am your new fan.

    thanks you so much!

  3. Krishna dear and dear Suresh, Thank you very much :)