January 21, 2008


Photo Source: Full Moon over Albion Bridge, Mendocino, originally uploaded by Rita Crane.


you left in the may, i wept in the june..
come back soon !

Separation is unbearable..
and all the june is to pass..
& all that memories,
silent cravings about to faint away !
but who comes back with a smile !
Fie on you, oh' miserable heart !

(c) afterwind


The Answer

We wrote a hundred letters, and you did not write an answer.
This, too, is a reply. - Zauqi

(Text Source: from Book "The Way Of The Sufi" by Idries Shah)


Respect and Separation

A bird got mad in the love of moon,
the moon lived on the sea surface, and bird in nest,
the bird was red, and the moon white,
once the bird could not control, and flew towards the moon to meet him,
the moon set in the sea,
the bird plunged after it into the sea, and drowned !

Meeting is an urge, a provocation
Separation is respect, respect is separation

(c) afterwind


Pain of Separation

You pull stretch out the strings of my chest,
from the right.. from the left
as if it is your instrument
and you are playing new melodies over it, not known to me before
why you are doing this to me !!? Why !!!

Sometimes you seems to be in moon, and sometimes in stars
sometimes in flower, sometimes in dew drop
i am chasing you or you are chasing me?
why you are doing this to me !!? Why !!!

Do you remember the june, when the bulbul wept for you,
when you made her life a hell, but sweet like heaven,
Neither you came, nor you go,
why are you doing so !!? Why !!!

Oh' my miserable heart, come back into me
he will come after the knock, if he will come
why you are waiting for him out on the cold street
come back inside, come back to sleep,
why you are doing this to me !!? Why !!!

(c) afterwind



  1. dear tariq,
    saalam. how are you doing?

    great to see your blog and its getting richer and richer. my best wishes for you and may you grow in wisdom everyday. amen.

  2. Thanks Brother Sadiq. May Allah enrich our hearts with love & wisdom of the Truth !