January 06, 2008


In severe winter night
near 4 a.m.
when it drizzled outside
and cold decreased
and a fresh reliving air
entered my lukeworm room
through the window pane leak
and bumped on the door lightly

some tears shed of my eyes
freshness entered into my nostrils
and set my mind free
I remembered you again
as i did in the past or more better
as if thou had come back thyself

~ + ~

Photo: Girl in rain originally Uploaded by bhumeshbharti


  1. Nice details, I can feel this experience.

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  3. Dear Tariq,
    A humble salaam to you! i bumped into your blog today and i must say its beautiful!
    Your thoughts are really intense and you weave Magic through your ALCHEMY OF LOVE:)
    I liked your post and i cant wait to read your older posts.
    May Allah bless you with all that your pure soul desires:)
    (i wish you a very happy and a spiritually blessed new year!sorry i am late though)
    love and prayers:)

  4. Krishna, Thanks Dear. Sometimes emotions make us amoung the happiest people in this world. Really.. Your sweet comment added sugar to this blog. Thanks again. May Allah purify both we souls. t.c. :)

  5. Quite lovely, brother :) I can feel it exactly as you describe, and it brings warmth to my heart :)

    Ya Haqq!

  6. Dear Darvish, many many thanks :)

  7. Nouman Ahmed Siddiqui18 January 2008 at 17:18

    You have chosen some really detailed and precise words to describe this pilgrimage. Pilgrimage it is... Thats what i would say of the whole experience you have created. Nice work.