January 19, 2008

love again

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I looked at a star and fell in love for it
because it was shimmering like a sun
after some time the star faded and lost it's charm
because something had left it
and then they forgot it !

now no one cares for the new face of that star..
but sometimes they stop again and yearn and weep, when they recall it's old beauty
.. which had once kept them insane!

They saw a tree of green leaves with colourful birds.
They stopped and again fell in love for it
and then, spring went away.. and the tree faded,
because something had left it

Now, whenever i pass that tree on my way..
it has no effect.. as usual..
but i still love it's old charm!

like this, we crossed rivers, flowers and dew drop..
and loved and forgot..

why the birds, stars, trees had been able to make them insane for a short while..
because of somethings !!
what was something?
Your something.. or.. "Yours Beauty" !

Why you did this to us !



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Love Again.. !

Come.. & again
Let me fall in your love !
let these eyes fill of tears like that whole last dry summer..
and let everything stop around us..
with dry leaves stopped in the air
let the heart be broken again
again and again,
let me fall in your love !



  1. Beautiful poetry with a profound message :) Love of the temporal fades with time, yet love of the Eternal never dies.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. my dearest Darvish,:) Thanks :)

    Does there exist any difference between '"Love" of temporal' and '"Love" of Eternal' !!? :)