January 24, 2008


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Islamic traditions talk a about 'Isme Azam' (The Greatest name of God). Prayers are certainly accepted if blended in rendition of this Name. There is a Sufi story i heard:

Once a man in search of 'Isme Azam' asked his Sufi master. The Sufi Shaikh directed him to go to some city main gate and meet an old man at specific time. The aspirant naive man reached the prescribed location at the specific time. There an old man appeared along with his wood-loaded donkey. He approached the city main gate and asked the city guard to permit his entrance into city. The guard slapped and abused the old man, who did nothing in reaction.

The naive Sufi approached the old man and asked, "Are you the same old man, who knows 'Isme Azam' ?"
"Yeah, I am. ", replied the old man.
Young man: "Then why not you punished that guard over that wrong?"

Old man: "If you were in my position, what would you do?"
Young man: "I would have burnt him"

"That's why you do not have knowledge of 'Isme Azam', " said old man and proceeded inside the city.



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  1. Dear Tareeq,
    Alhamdullilah!!What a beautiful post with a deep message:))
    May Allah bless you with His endless bounties and may He grant us all immense Patience and Love to reach closer to Him..:)
    I so dearly like your blog,i agree with Sadiq when he says that your blog is getting richer day by day!
    My best wishes and prayers for you tareeq:))
    May you continue to shine and illuminate all our seeking souls.
    Love and hugs!