April 08, 2008

Bird rescued!

The Lord of Garden of Mystics has always proven Highly Honoured ~~

He was always chasing
the bulbul who had got lost into the deserts
after having left the garden!

And at last -
at every climax of enigmatic sadness
at the point when despair got to the strayed bulbul

At the last moment,
he appeared behind the sand dunes
As a last hope of thirsty bulbul~~

At last, He got the bird,
then offered it some water and grains

And took it back to the garden of Happiness

Now the Bird has reached back to same old garden, fragrant flowers and singing springs ~~ Old flute, eternal melody and deep pleasure giving pain of music of True Love!



  1. Excellent :) I many times feel like the lost bulbul, and know that the Merciful Rescuer is on His way.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Yes. :):) His Love is remedy!