April 02, 2008

Don't Lose Your Wits - Behold.. Surrender

Leh Chang La - Pangog Tso, originally uploaded by jpangli.

Oh Brothers, always be normal -
because many of us live in abnormal state.

Do you know what is abnormal state,
it is what troubles and itches your heart and hearts of other people ~

This state comes, when we are driven astray blindly by hate, anger ego, lust and greed, into the darkness of illusions, grieves, pains, unnecessary challenges, treacheries, artifice, hatred and dissatisfaction.

All let you know that this is nothing but ignorance.. ignorance is nothing but a temporary state, because it does not has any body of its own, but it is just a mere absence of True Wisdom!!

So, lit up your mind with wisdom and refresh your heart with the Light of God's Love

So, whenever you feel something going wrong or abnormal, and whenever your heart aches with the sharp pangs of dissatisfaction and grieves and you feel the blind darkness around you, please then stop everything and sit on one side.. leave the blind clogged traffic of rushing humanity and just sit on the deserted footpath of silence and peace for a while and..

try to cool yourself down by..

thinking silently with wisdom and search of truth, and admit the faults you have already done, accept the truth, rightness and wisdom and.. surrender yourself and your ego before the feet of God's mercy. Open your mind's window to accept the Soothing Light of Allah's Love.

Ask God for wisdom and His true love.. because it is the cure of every grief, pain and dissatisfaction.