June 21, 2008


The lover's pot is always full of tears..
fire of passion when mixed with tears of compassion
peace comes in the ways..
and the truth also smiling at this!!

Who knows the future?
what will be the future? whatever!! come what may!!
But the tears are for cleansing off many things - burdens and tears !!


  1. My Dearest Tariq,
    Salaam:))I hope you are doing fine and all is well with you. Its been a really longtime, i know! Thanks to the time factor and being- busy-trap ;)
    Alhamdullilah :) Another very intense and Profound post, i really love the way you create miracles with these beautiful words!
    I couldnt resist reading all your previous posts and ultimately was left speechless!
    May Allah grant your soul all the happiness and peace you so truly deserve :)
    My sincere love, goodwishes and prayers for a very blessed soul :)

    P.S. Mashallah !i loved this line- The Lover's pot is always full of tears :)The Truth has never shone so brightly!

  2. My Brother, you always make me happy but i feel that i really don't deserve this.. in fact this is reflection of your own inner beauty actually! and inner quality that how much deep one can see into others' thought and idea.. this is "clarity of thinking"! :)

    I myself wish to have such deep sense and understanding. May Allah help us find the right way! :)

    Thank you so much for love, goodwishes and prayers. I also have same feelings and prayers for you. May Allah bless you and fill your every moment with the true love and wisdom and real worth of life! :-)

    i don't find any more better words to finish this sentence. With best regards!! :-) :-) *+@#

  3. My Sweet Tariq,
    Thank you for your kindwords! And i still maintain and will always do that you have such a beautiful thought process through which words flow out so effortlessly!
    I humbly accept your prayers :))

    P.S. Very Sorry tariq, my name is actually shared by males but also by females and i am the lucky one- A girl, A sister!! :))

  4. oh.. really!!
    my Krishna dear, i was always thinking that!! i am relly very sorry if i hurt you in that way!!

    :) prays and best wishes!! :)

  5. Mashallah!

    Truth is spoken here!

    Ya Haqq.