July 06, 2008

Unknown poetry received by SMS

Fallen leaves in summer, originally uploaded by le.van.

Baba Bulleh Shah farmaya:

Kalleyan ishq kamana okha,
Kisey nu yaar banana okha,
Pyar pyar te harkoi bole,
Kar k pyar nibhana okha,
Har koi dukhaante hus lenda,
Kise da dard vadana okha,
Gallan naal nai rutbey mildey,
Jougi bhes vatana okha,
Koi kisey di gal nai sunda,
Lokaan nu samjhana okha

- Bulleh Shah (?)

it is hard to earn love alone
it is hard to make someone friend
everyone says "love, love"
it is hard to keep after doing love
everyone can laugh at griefs
it is hard to share someone's love!
Statuses are not found by boasts
it is hard to put on appearance of friar
no one listen to any's word
it is hard to make people understand!

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