July 24, 2008


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Once a Khwaja Baqibillah's disciple asked him what is 'annihilation in God[1]' (Fanaa) and 'Ever lasting subsistence in God[2]' (Baqaa). He replied: After my death, ask this question from the person, who will lead (imama) my funeral prayer.

Khwaja put a condition for his funeral prayer that it would be lead by only the person who had never missed any ‘late night prayer’ (tahajjud which is of not binding nature in Islam). Since it was so strict condition that after his death no one came forth to lead the prayer because there was no body would have offered all tahajjud prayers of his life without any missing.

A veiled man came forward and took lead of the funeral prayer. The disciple went to him to ask the question of fana & baqa. The veiled man removed his veil to show his face to him.. it was Khwaja himself inside!!

[1] : Asif Naqshbandi, 'Ramadan Special: Tales of Sufi Wisdom', article link
[2]: Ibid.


famous couplet in Punjabi language:
"Bulleh Shah asaaN marna naahiN, gor peyya koi hor"

Bulleh Shah we would not die, some one else is lying in the grave

"Bulleh Shah asaaN marna naahiN, gor pawwey koi hor"

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