July 20, 2008

pure vision!!

A glimpse of K2 at Sunset, originally uploaded by Siriustar.

Language: Punjabi

جِہناں پاک نگاہواں ہوئیاں، کہِیں نہ جاندے ٹھگے
JehnaaN paak nigaahvaaN hoyaaN,
kaheeN na jaaNdey ThaGey

- Shah Hussain (1538-1599)

Those, who are blessed with a saintly vision (unstaied eyes), are never cheated.
(Only stained eyes are cheated everywhere. Keep your eyes, heart and soul pure. All the troubles in the world are because of stained eyes.)

Text Source:
Professor Saeed Ahmad, 'Great Sufi Wisdom - Shah Hussain'

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