July 16, 2008


Nature's wrath!, originally uploaded by undernier.

Language: Urdu/English:

AasmaaN k dono taraf
Jb bhi mohabbat ka parinda urra
Uskey pr kaat diyey gaey
Wo gira aor aakhri bar tarapta mara

On both the sides of the sky
Whenever the bird of love flew
His wings were cut down
He fell down and at last fluttered to death!


A Khuda nikal la mujhey in chakkaron se
Mot, gham, uljhan or becheyni k... Agar haiN to

Mujhey parinda mat banana
Bana deyna mera dil ik aasmaaN
K jis k neechey khalqat jee sakey aaraam sey
Or pyaar krney waley hmesha salamat rahein

Mujhey parinda mat banana.. mujhey aasmaan bana dena
Khushi ki sunehri roshni se bhara.. aasmaan
k jis meiN tum rehtey ho!

Oh God take me out of these circles of
Death, sorrow, confusion and uneasiness... If there are any

Would that,
Don’t make me bird, that whose wings were cut down
But make my heart a sky
That who’s under humanity can live in peace
And lovers would remain safe forever

Don’t make me a bird... Make me a sky!
Full of golden light of happiness… sky
where you dwell in!!


Agar mein hoon sachcha apney pyaar main
To mujhey mera pyaar mila dena
Agar mein jhoota hoon to mujhry parinda bana dena
K jo urr sakey azeem aasmanoN meiN
Aankho main aansu liyey
Sachhey aansuooN ki talaash main

In khuloos key motiyoon mein
heeroN ki chamak na ho shayad
magar wafa ki roshni hogi

aor agar aeysa hi ho to isey insaan bana dena phir sey
wo sab kuch deykar k jis ki arzoo thi isey !!

If I am true in my love
Then meet me my love
If I would be wrong, then make me a bird
Who could fly in the great skies
having tears in eyes
In the search of true tears

In these pearls of the sincerity
There might not be sparkle of diamonds perhaps
But light of faith there will be

And if such happens in reality, then make him a human once again
Along with bestowing with all what he had wished!

7/15/2008 4:41 AM


a small box of clouds, a thermos flask of blue-sky*, originally uploaded by Oℓivia.


  1. My Dear Tariq,
    Alhamdullilah!!! You have left me speechless once again with these beautiful soul stirring words..All i say is "Ameen" to this pure Wish of yours!
    Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
    May Allah grant you all the happiness that you so truly deserve:)
    Sending you my heartfelt love and prayers :)

  2. 'Ameen'!
    :)thanks my krishna dear:)
    ,,best wishes and prayers for you:):)