September 25, 2008

Melting blue

Melting blue, originally uploaded by nordicshutter.

the naive lover was fumbling inside the reconditeness of ambiguity and confusion between the love and verbosity.. things are always quite unclear, but get the status of esoteric wisdom.. and being tired of this fruitless loving, he cries on the Beloved and challanges His Kindness!!

but when the Beloved resolves to show him the way.. he puts him in the test of wordly love.. his is being taught the etiquettes of worship, and that is the way of Love. All the things and beloved desires are finally lost, thus leaving the heart full of grief.. and then, he sees everyone and everything has forsaken this miserable being.. but still the final Truth is waiting to receive this frustrated loser in Its arms of kindness. And then the broken chipped-hearted lover realizes the True Beloved. The meshed heart of the lover finally becomes able to see the truth of love.. He can see the melting ice and transforming into the pure clean trasparent water.. so, then he rushes and wastes no time for getting it.. this glimpse is full of light of love and spirituality.. Truth is clear.. That is love! True love!

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