September 01, 2008

Medicine for losers, lovers & everyone!!

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This is a pray..
Oh Allah take me to Madina..
The City of Great Beloved..
The Master of Your Lovers..

The Land where peace is still in the air
and the sand particles perfumed in the perfumes of Love
kiss over the seekers' faces

Let me put my head on the lap of The Holy Beloved
The Pacifier of burning hearts
The Healer of losers' sobs

O God,
we ask you with every request
we praise You with Your every Name!
we kiss Your Greatest Name!
we ask you with every request
please, take us to the House of Your Holy Beloved!!

The Prophet's Dome, Madinah, KSA
Photo: The Prophet's Dome, Madinah, KSA originally uploaded by chinx786

He is the Master of Elixir of Love
The Master of Mytics of deserts and mountains,
The Master of Lovers of Lands and Skies
Thy Mercy on universe and glalaxies
His House in Madina

Our hearts are full of bruises,
and eyes pale with loses and desires
and hair curled in dust of grief
Our Doctor is in Madina!!

Oh my God!
Oh my true One God!
please take us to Madina
to the Madina of Your Beloved Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)!!


  1. Much love to you dear brother in Love, and many thanks for your soothing medicine. May we all one day soon wind up in the Madina of Love and the Beloved.