October 22, 2008

Your Sweet Veils!

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They say I don't love You!
Yeah! they say right

people lose hearts in infatuations of love after seeing the beauty and getting impressed!
but how to love someone without seeing
i never got any chance of looking You
with any sweet long sights.
You kept so many veils!
so, how can i do love to You!

but that last night..
after hearing the sound of rustling from dress of some unknown passerby across outside of my door
and i lost my heart on that street which was perfumed with the sweet mysterious night
leaving my heart dusty and cracked with a sweet pain!

i know..
there had never been any passer-by there
nor any sound, nor any rustling of any clothe!
even there was no fragrance of Thee actually
but there was a mysterious veil !

You never gave a chance of looking Your Sweet Majesty!
but made me insane of Your glowing mytical shades of veils

You have many many thousands thousands uncountable veils
and my heart has got trapped in some of them!, which i got chance to perceive!

yeah, how can i love You!

.. Natural!
You keep so many veils

but i have lost myself in Your veils!
I love Your veils!

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