November 29, 2008

I choose Love!

Lotus and Reflection
Picture Courtesy, originally uploaded by steck76.

The city of Makkah had been polluted with the centuries of ignorance and cruelty. A young man started started preaching the lessons of cleanliness and purity among the youth and other ages. The inspiration was increasing among the youth.. that the city elites got skeptical and worried. System of tyranny started trembling with the fear of getting tumble down.

They came to that man, and offered him the wealth and the best women of Arab to be presented as a price to stop that peaceful teaching of Oneness of God which was going to promote brotherhood of man, purity and love.

He said to his close relative, I will never stop this teaching, even if they place the sun at my one hand and the moon at other!

This man was Muhammad (peace be upon him) the last prophet of God!

(with the time their atrocities increased upon him and his relatives, and he was forced to leave Mekkah along with most of his companions. Later on, he became victor in the war of Mekkah, and he forgave everyone in Mekkah, also including the enemies of war)

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