November 30, 2008


桂林杉湖日月双塔(1)Sun-Moon Pagodas at day in Guilin, China

Picture Courtesy, originally uploaded by mambo1935.

what makes the heart dance in joy
what makes the eyes see the world clear
what makes all senses feel every emotion
even that of whithering leaves
russling over the lonely roads of life
what makes us know the love

it is purity,

the water of time will keep on flowing
as long it is destined to flow
but the silence will get on laughing
as much pain it saw in the times of pain
the love will shine on day
the sun will rise
and the first ray of light will knock every glum door
and the eyes will raise thankfully!

May our hearts be translucent
to let some beams pass in to shine
making us stars
in this world
and in the real place

how many eyes got water?
how many hearts came forth with love!?
water has reflection of dome
love has fragrance of thoughts
and the sky is bright
and the wind mild

nature flows in the air
eyes look on emptyness in the space
as we are in nowwhere
but still in love!

peace on all
sentient beings!

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