December 05, 2008

Sing.. sing.. sing.. transcend the skies..

Picture Courtesy, originally uploaded by Frogdeck.

oh holy pigeon of love
your eyes have every colour of life and feelings
your heart is always fluttering like a green flag of sufis
and nerves always flowing with the tears of emotions
oh sentient being
oh sensible heart..

this is not your place
this is full of contamination by griefs
ruined & dilapidated by miseries
aah.. garden and dry grass
and some murky sunlight
only autums resides here with few dry leaves

oh my heart!!
fly high.. go into the skies..
sing.. sing.. sing.. transcend the skies..


  1. Dearest Tariq,
    Salaam and Namaste :))
    Hope you are doing well and life is treating you beautifully. Its been a long time since i heard from you.Where have you been?
    Mashallah! What an amazing post..Full of Love, yearning and a passion to transcend this worldly mundane life :)
    Duality is what life is all about Tariq and the only solace we could find is in Him :)
    Inshallah, may He bless you with His Mercy and Grace and kiss all your troubles away:)
    May your beautiful heart be blessed with Peace and Bliss.
    Sending you lots of love, hugs and sincere prayers :)

  2. Waleykum As Salam..
    My Krishna dear, thank you for inquiring about this 'small being', hehe. I always feel the warmth of care and affinity in your kind words, and I really feel thankful to God for this favour. My dear, like every human, unfortunately, I was also caught in some petty worldy issues.. and that never stops as long as we live, you know.

    I am fine. Happy and Well. :-) Life is just going on under a constant melody. Fumes, heat and tears apparently look sad, but if one happen to be in the open 'Food Street' of Lahore (that is a bit costly also, hehe).. there is also present fumes, heat and tears due to cooking on the roadside BBQ or other food stalls.. but the combination is such, that it tends to appear as a melody!

    Love can purge this world! You pray for me. :-) take care. With best wishes, love and prayers.. **Eid Mubarak**!! :-)