December 24, 2008

Single atom of Oxygen must meet some one!

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Chemistry of Love & Relationship: Like example of Oxygen!

In Chemistry, matter makes an atom. Two or more atoms make a molecule. And these atoms or molecules combine to make a subtance. In short, atom is the smallest unit which can take part in a chemical reaction, but may or may not exist independently. For example, The atoms of the oxygen gas always exist in pair (i.e. In form of molecule). It never exist as a single atom (O) independently, it always exists as O2.  

Water (H20) is a compound combination of 2 atoms Hydrogen (H2) and a single atom Oxygen (O). If water is broken, then it these atoms are free. Thus released Oxygen and Hydrogen.

H20 ---------->  2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen

If there is a single atom of Oxygen(O) is released.. Since, nature has meant it to live with some pair, so, it must fulfil this requirement. It shall readily combine with any other atom it will happen to meet.. to get a stable state! Either it may combine with another single atom Oxygen, to make a pair (O2) or may combine with any other like atoms of Sulphur or whatever as possible!

Similarly, God has put a quality of concileation and accustomisation in human beings to overcome psycological traumas and lonliness in this world. The lonely heart will find the best one. A relationship is a gift of God. I maybe be liked by your heart (Oxygen), or maybe selected by fate (Sulphur, Potasiaum or Oxygen).. whatever, Every single atom of Oxygen must meet some one.. Everyone have a full potential of love, just we need to uncover this secret and realise this hidden treasure. This is special gift of God. This bond represents the love. Just there is a need of purityand respect. This world should be like a clean lab with pure heart atoms, molecules, and sincere compounds. This state of stability, peace, mental self satisfation and thankfuless to God is what they say as a balanced happy life. And I say a peaceful glory of human relationships with the sweetness of love, care and respect.  This is a social stability, social nirvana and peace of life, and warmth of heart!

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