December 31, 2008

Keep it pure! ~ Preserve it!

photo creditby puri_

God is caring about the human
He forbid them from doing sins
like bloodshed, adulteries, debaucheries, etc.
These sins were declared as forbidden acts
God sents prophets for previous nations of world for proper guidence
and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the last prophet, to guide the all of humanity 

lovers may understand about the concept of 'forbidden' and 'sins',
if they know about preservation in love!

the lovers must keep themselves pure
to preserve the respect of love
even the wordly beloved dislike if lover leave him and go astray after the alluring glitters of the strangers!

actually it is not selfishness in love
but the main requirement of Love for being a true love

this is the preservation of santity
and the purity of being

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