January 25, 2009

About the Jin: A Strange Creation of God!

photo by cocolinda
In Islamic traditions, there are statements about some strange creation other than the human: known as jin. According to my hearing and study different material including the public opinion, Jin are living beings like humans, they live in distant places (e.g. like in the silent mountains of Afghanistan etc). They have females, procreate their babies, eat food. Their food is normally the bones of dead animals. Their lives are longer than that of the human, and may be hundreds of years long. We can not see them with our ordinary eyes in the normal days, unless they make themself visible before us. They believe in God and there are also jins who do not.They also belong to different religions. There are Christian jins, Muslim jins also. According to the Islamic traditions, Sulaiman (or Solomon), the prophet in the antient time was bestowed upon by God with the power and lordship over the Jins. Satan is also a jin and made up of fire like other jins, he was a celebrated teacher of angels, but then he followed his bad ego and proudiness, and refused to accept God's order. So, he became a loser after leaving the right way.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was sent by God as the last teacher and guide of all the humanity. Traditions tell that he preached jins also. And many jins became Muslims on his hand.

Note: This information is a mixture of the information from the Islamic traditions and the public heresay or common information. Islamic System of tradition is very well organised and is a reliable source of knowledge. But heresay or common information can not be the reliable source of knowledge. But it needs research to rectify or nullify it. So, it needs further reseach to see whether which of these information is according to the System of Islamic traditions, and which status it lies in front of Islamic knowledge.

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