November 30, 2008


桂林杉湖日月双塔(1)Sun-Moon Pagodas at day in Guilin, China

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what makes the heart dance in joy
what makes the eyes see the world clear
what makes all senses feel every emotion
even that of whithering leaves
russling over the lonely roads of life
what makes us know the love

it is purity,

the water of time will keep on flowing
as long it is destined to flow
but the silence will get on laughing
as much pain it saw in the times of pain
the love will shine on day
the sun will rise
and the first ray of light will knock every glum door
and the eyes will raise thankfully!

May our hearts be translucent
to let some beams pass in to shine
making us stars
in this world
and in the real place

how many eyes got water?
how many hearts came forth with love!?
water has reflection of dome
love has fragrance of thoughts
and the sky is bright
and the wind mild

nature flows in the air
eyes look on emptyness in the space
as we are in nowwhere
but still in love!

peace on all
sentient beings!

November 29, 2008

I choose Love!

Lotus and Reflection
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The city of Makkah had been polluted with the centuries of ignorance and cruelty. A young man started started preaching the lessons of cleanliness and purity among the youth and other ages. The inspiration was increasing among the youth.. that the city elites got skeptical and worried. System of tyranny started trembling with the fear of getting tumble down.

They came to that man, and offered him the wealth and the best women of Arab to be presented as a price to stop that peaceful teaching of Oneness of God which was going to promote brotherhood of man, purity and love.

He said to his close relative, I will never stop this teaching, even if they place the sun at my one hand and the moon at other!

This man was Muhammad (peace be upon him) the last prophet of God!

(with the time their atrocities increased upon him and his relatives, and he was forced to leave Mekkah along with most of his companions. Later on, he became victor in the war of Mekkah, and he forgave everyone in Mekkah, also including the enemies of war)

November 28, 2008

The Light of Love!

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The world is going far away from peace and happiness,
hunger and miseries are increasing everywhere,

We can save the world with the light of our love!

November 24, 2008

Why we love 'em..

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Why we love them!!

In this world, everyone of us have dearest ones.. whenever someone says: 'Please take of your health! You are very important to me' - tears come automatically in the eyes by listening that!!
What is this? why do we love them? we are selfish to all of the world? but our heart stops beating when we understand their love and care for us! We need this love! Why?

We can solve this mystery..very easily! just by stopping by for some time and reflecting upon our emotions. Now I personally tell you, "We are grossly impoverished of Love in this world.. because we have a very short circle.. Love is like an oxygen.. we can die emotionally if it stops reaching in our lungs!! We really need our loved ones to love us!! Love is a magic which energizes a mom to make her babbling baby say for the first time 'ma.. ma'! Mom and child have a deep psycological attachment and emotional synchronization of mind, heart and being, and they convey their emotions to each other by using facial expressions and smiles.. this smile is very important for her to accoutre her baby with emotional confidence and feeling of warmth... the life! unless this smile this flower may whither away soon! The mama is love.. Love, love, love! All we need is love! We can't live without it!

Love is so much important in our life, we can see its examples in every important moment which empowered us to feel confidence and happiness. All our miseries actually are due to missing of love!

A boy loved a girl.. and she was normal in beauty! He passed some time and they got close so much that one live in other's heart. Later on, he let go all the chances of having the beautiful one!
Why? which power made him adamant to his love only. That is Love! Love is enough!

There is a famous Pujabi language song to be heard in Pakistani wedding:

Kala Shah Kala
Kala Shah Kala mera kala hai dil dar
Gorean no paraN karo
Mein aap sone di taar
Gorean no paraN karo

Black King Black
Black King Black my lover is black
keep the white ones away
I am myself his connection
keep the white ones away
(in punjab, sometimes colour complexion is the meter of beauty judgement among many people. But this song implies on the importance of love instead of averting towards the more beautiful!)

Our beloved ones are enough for us! We need them. We stay happy, no matter they are not the best dazzling qualities, but they are every thing for us! Why they are enough? why we love them? we are actually feel mentally and emotionally alienated from the strange company and people, so there creates a wide emotional gap in our heart, we can die with cold..! but our beloved ones fill that gap with the warmth of their existence! We never feel strange to them.. we share with them the similar basic cords of heart, which are intermingled, overlapped and tied with each other. It keeps our being perfumed. So, stay in touch to your relatives and beloved ones.. that is real life!

As there says a sufi poetry in Urdu:

kyun dekh k hm ko tm yu ank churatey ho
jb dil me hi rehto ho phir aankh sey kia parda
they ham bhi kabhi terey, gardish hey zamaney ki,
Mehram to puraney hain ,Aa ab to galey ml ja,
kia mj se chupatey ho, chilman sy lgey kyun ho
hm dekh to letey hain rukh aap ka thorra sa

- Syed Muhammad Shah Zaman Gilani Chisti!

Why you avoid after seeing me
As you stay in my heart, then what is this kind of veil from eye
sometimes I was also yours, change is brought by time
I am old acquaintance, come do embrace me now
what you hide from me, why you stay beside the veil
we do catch a little of your sight

Love.. Love.. Love!!

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In the city of madina, a camel got a disease of skin itching. After that, many other camels started catching the same sickness. People started gossiping and stigamatizing the first camel, as they thought it the cause for spread of disease among other animals. It was suggested to alienate him from the place!!

The Teacher interrupted and asked: Why are you stigmatizing the poor animal?
People: Because of spreading diease in other animals!

He said: Well, if the disease came to other animals from the first one by spread.. then, where he got it from at first?
All got answerless!

Moral: Never stigmatize the poor one for their weakness. Infact they are need our love and kindness!!

November 22, 2008

Best Gift

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Always a best gift should be presented to The Beloved!

a heart
which is made lush with the dreams of purity & love in this world.
like a goat is fed prepared with luxuries in the days before its sacrifice!

if this heart is broken..
then, this glass-crash will make a very big noise
- like a big destruction!

come what may..
prepare the gift for Beloved!


Oh Honey,
crash this heart-glass
by the Dazzling Reflexion of Your Beauty!

fill this heart-pot with the true honey of love and sympathy
not let it crash by the griefs & dismay
Oh Honey,


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Alien Lovers!
she said to him on one day
how can our love survive!
we dont have the same tongue
i have much to say
but dont know how!
they survived how long ever, God knows!
he says:
your eyes already tell me the things
you want me to know
no need to say!

November 18, 2008

Try to Feel!

'Flaming Mountains 火焰山' originally uploaded by Melinda (chanmelmel)

Life is always surrounding all round us
but our eyes and minds are narrowed down
by our greeds, selfishness
hate, misunderstanding
fears and ignorance!

Lets just open our eyes!
Look on the sky
Peace of mind is there!

Try to feel it!
Open your eyes!
Open your senses!!

'HBW (Grape 葡萄)' originally uploaded by Melinda (chanmelmel)

November 09, 2008

Gift - Mystic Love (Screensaver)

Mystic Love - Screensaver
(Sufis' Love)