December 20, 2010

fight for promise and love


old memories are still afloat beyond vision in the vastness of these eyes
those memories..
the orange twilight turning into azure..
fresh air blowing on rooftop of a solitary household in great wasteland.

and mild silhouette of Himalayan foothills jutting out in backdrop.
skies where eagles used to get courage, like that of warrior of light.
and those retinas focused keenly at place far beyond where the skies meet the world,
those eyes filled with hopes,

and breath brimming with warmth of life,
and many promises ..
those difficult promises made with easy hopes.

and pains of witnessing 'goodbyes'!

That was for first time, when the warrior promised to fight
against himself, against felony, against disappointment and every other darkness.

After that.. the life became difficult.
oh, Afterwind!
he should keep on fighting..
for the sake of Allah.

what could be the more in this world than the joy of loving and being loved! hmm..

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