September 03, 2011

Alchemy of Love: Love for human is a Step towards Real love for God

What is the purpose of the worldly love or love for human (حب الدنیا / ishq-e-mijazi/ عشق مجازی)? and what should be its benefits?

Worldly love is a first step towards enlightenment and truth. It is like a weak bud, a naive baby, who undergoes various experiences and emotions during the worldly love. It passes through various stages: from amazement to attachment, strageness to recognition, separartion to unity, pain to happiness, tears, blushes, warmth of life and trust.. and the experience is added more when the love is lost and a new session of agony starts. This is the important part, leading to the zenith.. Sacrifices, compromises, annihilation and prayers are taught by the separation.

The most important thing of worldly love is that it gives a real-time experience and education on the love. The etiquettes of love (Arabic: شعائر الحب / طقوس الحب , Persian/Urdu/Hindustani: Aadaab-e-Muhabbat / آداب محبت) are learnt during it. For example, kindness, compession and other behavioural qualities. The Alchemy of Love polishes the heart and soul, purifies the innerself (باطن)  and makes it able to experience Divine love/Real love/ Love for God.

Consequently, when this education through experience is complete, the man who may be able to experience the Divine love, which is motivated through enlightened feelings and higher principles.