June 28, 2007

Why: Some Mystics fell in Wordly Love (ishq-e-majazi)?

different perspective
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There are examples that many mystics had fallen in love to someone in their earlier lives..
1. Did they tried to take refuge in the Love of God after failing to achieve their wordly love.. or
2. They were being prepared for high stages of True love or
3. Accident

you are right.. but still incomplete..

I tell you another side..
Have you ever seen a car..
yess, daily I see
What needs a car to move by?
but sometimes the car's engine gets dull (shades of oblivion)..
at this time, it needs a jerk, a physical push by hands.. which helps engine to heat up and it starts working again
car moves now with help of engine, with no more hand
this jerk's strenght was not equal to the engine but it was like it.. it was for it..
so, it caused it to come on it's way!

our soul is like a car..
and it needs to move upward..
for that it needs to a sincere heart..
which is like an engine and helps the soul to keep travelling towards it's true beloved

but, when our engine is not working.. (oblivious heart without sincerity)
we need a jerk/push which cause engine to work again..
this jerk is provided by the worldly love..
it gives a reviving heat to our engine..
it gives us a lovely feeling of delicacy and sincerity..
this is the time when the oblivious soul recalls again the ancient love..
and it starts loveing the ancient beloved.. who is the absolute truth!

the jerk of wordly love is nothing before the true ancient love..
car's original need is engine.. jerk is only for temporary cause
similarly the jerk is nothing..
it is only a reminder..
after the awakening, the soul forgets everything except the truth..
it needs not be caught up in 'jerk' anymore again..
it needs not 'drop' because it has found the ever forgotton ultimate real sea!

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what is the ancient love?
it is the eternal attribute of soul.. which it has forgotton..
it is said that..
at the time of creation of souls..
God gathered them and asked them"Alastu birabbikum" - Am I not your Lord? (Who is your Lord?)
by saying "qaala balaa..", they admitted that He is their God.
when they saw Him..
the Eternal Ultimate Beauty..
they fell in love for Him..
the real love for a True One!

but man forgot the love
the ancient feeling was hidden somewhere in some corner of heart of the soul
which he has forgotton
accidental wordly love may give a shock, a push or a jerk to the heart..enough to recall the ancient feeling .. the new feeling resembling the ancient one.. the ancient feeling is revived.. much matured and better than the newer feeling caused by he jerk.

give it a push which may help it to move
awaken your soul..
as hindu yogis say.. awaken your kundalini shakti.. to rise up to.. meet brahma, The Lord
similarly we say, "awaken your heart".. "the delicate emotion".. "the feeling of ecstacy"
love someone..

love someone..
love anyone..
even a tree!

if you love someone..
you will love every one,

if you love everyone,
you will love the True One!

Try to love..
even tentative..


  1. Well said. Love is the language to speak with beloved Lord. As Guru Nanak says,
    ਸਾਚਾ ਸਾਹਿਬੁ ਸਾਚੁ ਨਾਇ ਭਾਖਿਆ ਭਾਉ ਅਪਾਰੁ ॥
    He is True, True is His Name, infinite Love is His language.
    Start somewhere, Almighty will listen to you.

  2. Subhan Allah, what a beautiful line! This was the message of Sufi mystics of India and all over the world.

  3. Correct, If You can not love what you have in front of you how you can love which you have never seen.
    ishq-e-majazi is the first step which ends with ishq-e-haqiqi

  4. ishaq_e_majazi is always been the first step of ishaq_e_haqiqi...but its nt true that ishaq_e_majazi is always with girl it can be ur mother father,sm animal even a tree or any thing else but the point is to love sincerely..ishaq demands to give everything ...NO demands NO question..