July 03, 2007

Once in a blue moon (he became a loser for the love)

It's a story, and also strange one. I do not know whether to mention this post under the category of love or not.. but it has something which gives this story a burning effect.. an awe.. a craving.. some feeling.. some tears.. some strange kind of worth at it's back! It is story of a loser.. who was was ready to lose everything for the sake of his worldly love! though the worldly love may not always deserve such sacrifice, but the passion in this story is worth-mentioning.

Allah loves the people who are ready to give sacrifice of their lives for His cause and His true Real love. Allah deserves of being loved by the people with the true selflessness .. and only He can always value it!

photo: silent shot
rain over street lights

Shafo and I were sitting under the moonlight at the front of a temporary rainwater pond. The moonlight was reflecting on the shimmering water ripples in pond. I could feel a pang of terrible grief in his voice..

he started telling:

There were some street boys in a big city..
daily sitting in some open park..
sharing shameless company of each other..

Once there came a handsome boy..
so much bewitching attraction he had. that, I have not enough words to describe it!

The street boys planned to fulfill their lust..
they conspired and succeeded to got his friendship,
then they demanded him to let them fulfill their lust..
he refused..
and left them..

he didn't come back
until two weeks passed and he returned
he was in a miserable state

Street boys asked, what happened?

he replied, Friends! I fell in love for a girl
that I can not sleep well for some nights.. So much, I miss her!
i need to meet her today..
she lives out of the city..
our meeting was proposed to take place today
but i have not enough fare to reach there..
friends, i need 100 rupees (between 1-2 $) only..
Kindly, lend me that money?

Street boys:
but we can.. if you consider our earlier demand!

And then..
".. .. ....."
they gave him 100 rupees
and he went away
to meet his beloved..
poor guy!!

Shaffo concluded the story..
I asked him: What was that?
Shaffo: I do not know but I wept much after listening this story!
I could feel a pang of terrible grief in his sound!

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