July 30, 2007


Abu Said Abul-Khair's Poetry

How much longer?
Chiseling and polishing the words
How much longer?
Your scattered arrows missing the target
If you have ever read
A single page from the book of silence
Much you had laughed
At the vanity of what was said and heard


Qoshairi Manifest


While we are apart I think about what to say
Solidifying the reasoning behind every word
I forgot everything when we are face to face
In our conversation talking nonsense all over
(When the Sufi is afar from his Beloved he thinks about many things to say but once facing slight gesture of the Divine Presence Sufi is lost, wordless & bedazzled)



I see how the words adorn you my young lad
Silence proffers him much once he is quiet
Words & conversations bring so many deaths
So the speakers wish they would have been silent


(Some selected text)

Some person said, "Silence is the language of wisdom".

Another person said, "Learn Silence as you learned speech, so that if the words show you the way (towards evil?) the Silence shall stop you".

People said, "Virtuousness, continence and abstinence are the language of the Silence. Indeed the tongue is similar to the wild savage beasts if you do not bind them they will attack you immediately."


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