July 23, 2007

Purpose of Life

What is the purpose of life..

there are many views like:

*obeying religion.. (wrote-learning.. no practice?)
*eating eggs.. (how many eggs to be eaten in a day.. how long?)
*loving & taking pitty.. (how many hours there longs love within 24 hours?)
*a best-seller novelist says: it is a Pilgrimage (obscure answer?)

Now I tell you the three interviews which best explain each other


*an Islamic religious scholar says: it is to serve the Lord, which includes both religious practices and caring others (ok, this answer is good for shaping the society)..
he didn't explain more because he had to go to see his guest. he left


*I met a drunkard dervesh and asked him: "what is the purpose of life?"
he recites a she'r:
taskeer-e-kaa'inaat k haseen jurm per
khud bhi haNsta hoga yazdaaN kabhi kabhi
(on the beautiful crime of creating the universe..
God himself would certainly have been laughing at)
then he said: Be the part of the creation
i asked: do you mean as if we have come in this world for nothing.. without any purpose.. just come and go..
he got angry and replied: Mr! why doesn't your mind accept such a minute fact like this.. i've told you "just become part of the creation.. live.. engoy.."
Then he explained nothing more about this.. (His answer has some weight but still incomplete and obscure)


I met a Simple Black Man with a sacred heart and asked: "What is the purpose of the life?"
He said: "Just to come and go"
I asked: "it can be a good 'meaning' of life, than being it's 'purpose' "
He said: No, it is purpose of life. Death is purpose of life..
He explained more: A soul come in this world, lives and then at last tastes the taste of death. Similarly, a soul came to this world for one minute and then departs. What do you say about it's purpose? it's purpose is Death. it is better than many souls who have not come in this world..
I asked: It is just as if you are sitting now in Islamabad city, and you take bus and leave for Lahore city (World), you stay there for 1 minute(Life) and then come back(Death). According to your theory: you left for Lahore just to come back .. it seems rubbish & useless .. you left just for coming back!!
He was listening quitefully. After a pause, I started again
We can find "purpose" of that 1 minute by reviewing what you gained or lost in that 1 minute. You gained or lost nothing.
Still there is one way.. if we add a new character in the example.. the new character is that of "Master".
Your master ordered you to go, stay for 1 minute, and then come back. You did nothing but one thing and that is to fulfil the order of your Lord (Allah).
but here a question arisese, for what purpose the Lord ordered you to go and come back.
He replied: to show his supremacy! (his grandeur)

"Purpose of life is to come and leave, to fulfil the word of Lord, to show His Supremacy"
Note: This was about purpose of life, not purpose of human beings, which is yet to be discussed.
(Research in progress)~

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