December 31, 2008

Keep it pure! ~ Preserve it!

photo creditby puri_

God is caring about the human
He forbid them from doing sins
like bloodshed, adulteries, debaucheries, etc.
These sins were declared as forbidden acts
God sents prophets for previous nations of world for proper guidence
and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was the last prophet, to guide the all of humanity 

lovers may understand about the concept of 'forbidden' and 'sins',
if they know about preservation in love!

the lovers must keep themselves pure
to preserve the respect of love
even the wordly beloved dislike if lover leave him and go astray after the alluring glitters of the strangers!

actually it is not selfishness in love
but the main requirement of Love for being a true love

this is the preservation of santity
and the purity of being

Preservation: Loving regardless of the meeting face-to-face..

photo creditby kaycatt

"Although we have lost physical contact and never seen each other since months"
the girl wrote in the chat window in the computer,
"I dont know how come are we going on until now!"

the lover replied:
"I know about God since my childhood
without having seen Him
and still I am going on with Him! -

  This is a matter of belief!"

- Tariq Rasheed

December 24, 2008

Single atom of Oxygen must meet some one!

image credit: by ms.poem

Chemistry of Love & Relationship: Like example of Oxygen!

In Chemistry, matter makes an atom. Two or more atoms make a molecule. And these atoms or molecules combine to make a subtance. In short, atom is the smallest unit which can take part in a chemical reaction, but may or may not exist independently. For example, The atoms of the oxygen gas always exist in pair (i.e. In form of molecule). It never exist as a single atom (O) independently, it always exists as O2.  

Water (H20) is a compound combination of 2 atoms Hydrogen (H2) and a single atom Oxygen (O). If water is broken, then it these atoms are free. Thus released Oxygen and Hydrogen.

H20 ---------->  2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen

If there is a single atom of Oxygen(O) is released.. Since, nature has meant it to live with some pair, so, it must fulfil this requirement. It shall readily combine with any other atom it will happen to meet.. to get a stable state! Either it may combine with another single atom Oxygen, to make a pair (O2) or may combine with any other like atoms of Sulphur or whatever as possible!

Similarly, God has put a quality of concileation and accustomisation in human beings to overcome psycological traumas and lonliness in this world. The lonely heart will find the best one. A relationship is a gift of God. I maybe be liked by your heart (Oxygen), or maybe selected by fate (Sulphur, Potasiaum or Oxygen).. whatever, Every single atom of Oxygen must meet some one.. Everyone have a full potential of love, just we need to uncover this secret and realise this hidden treasure. This is special gift of God. This bond represents the love. Just there is a need of purityand respect. This world should be like a clean lab with pure heart atoms, molecules, and sincere compounds. This state of stability, peace, mental self satisfation and thankfuless to God is what they say as a balanced happy life. And I say a peaceful glory of human relationships with the sweetness of love, care and respect.  This is a social stability, social nirvana and peace of life, and warmth of heart!

(c) afterwind

December 23, 2008

Come to my Heart.. Embrace, oh God!

Picture Courtesy, originally uploaded by Ron Floyd.

How longer will You evade me?
how longer will You think me having forgotten You, centuries ago...

one day Your cuff will be rustling in my palm
slowly pulling this great cloth towards my heart
approaching towards Your start

December 17, 2008

Forsaken by The Wordly Beloved!

December 15, 2008


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December 09, 2008

Happy Eid Day!

Lotus Flower - IMG_9805

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Happy Eid Day~
Full of Melody, Sunlight, Peace and Love!

Here is a Gift for you..

Musical Screensaver (Meditation, True Love)
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December 05, 2008

Sing.. sing.. sing.. transcend the skies..

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oh holy pigeon of love
your eyes have every colour of life and feelings
your heart is always fluttering like a green flag of sufis
and nerves always flowing with the tears of emotions
oh sentient being
oh sensible heart..

this is not your place
this is full of contamination by griefs
ruined & dilapidated by miseries
aah.. garden and dry grass
and some murky sunlight
only autums resides here with few dry leaves

oh my heart!!
fly high.. go into the skies..
sing.. sing.. sing.. transcend the skies..