May 07, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a heavily fertile forest full of big trees, flowers, and a beautiful touch of sunshine. In the most center of forest was a small hut whereby a simple man lived with his animal friends - a sheep, a wolf, a chicken. He had passed with them many springs and autumns of his life. The fox gave him security, hen gave him eggs, sheep milk and they were living together a happy life. Day passed and passed, and one day a he found a half dead man's body lying on the ground, he was a hunter who had come from some city but lost way in the forest and became a prey to hunger and thirst. He took him to his house and took well care of him until he got well. During all that time, the hunter used to tell him the stories of the cities, the glitters of wealth and the luxuries of the rich. The heart of the forest dweller started getting bored of his difficult forest life, and he now had started dreaming of the colorful cities. He had become greedy! One day he gave him an idea, 'why not you kill the sheep and its skin can keep your body warm in the winters?' The forest man liked this idea and one day he asked his sheep, 'oh friend, lets go to the river bank, I want to feed you the best grass there'. The sheep accepted his offer and went with him to that place, the man killed the sheep and cut out its skin and made a warm coat of it. The hunter kept on giving him advices to make life more comfortable by killing his friends - 'you can enjoy chicken roast, you can make good shoes from the fox'. He acted on all the advices, and made his life much comfortable on the expense of his friends' life. Hence now there no sheep or hen, and there was also no more milk or eggs... So both men started starving. Hence the forest weed was too simple and rough to satisfy their heightened hunger and lust. So, one day the hunter advised him, why not you start farming.. The man started farming, and one day the hunter asked for the equal share in all luxuries as a price of his advices. The forest man's dream had shattered now, and he understood the ferocity of the man's lust. He refused to give him the share and asked him to leave his house... but the hunter refused and a quarrel started between them, hence the hunter was a strong and cunning person and also was having knowledge of using knife and other weapons... and there was also no fox to protect him. He won!! And made the forest man slave! 

Thanks to Wang Ziyue, Lanzhou


  1. I enjoyed this story very much, and it is so true. Thank you for sharing it..

  2. Thanks Teresa for reading this story. Really, we lost much in the game of unkind luxuries!