March 09, 2008


There was a man who wished to have a wife. He started searching and after a little time he got successful in finding a woman. And the married each other.

After a short passage of time, the man had realised that his wife was ugly and aged. Although the conscious wife tried to make him understand that ugliness or age difference used to be nothing if there was existing true love between them. She had quoted the example of women who utterly love their defaced husbands who kept love & care for their wives.

But the man was gradually getting numb with the idea that truly beautiful love story always spring up between a same age youth couple. The grave age difference of 10 years lurked before his eyes so much that he felt his life to be poisonous and filled with pain & ugliness.

He made up his mind. Now there was left no way but leave. So, they separated from each other.

~ + ~

The man started his search again. And this time, he got a girl who was even some years younger than him. He was so much happy and sentimental that he could not sleep for many nights.

The girl was normally beautiful, but still lying in lower ranks of beauty. The impetuous man expressed about his love before her. The girl was conscious about her profile and present state. She told him sincerely : " I don't think myself to be beautiful. Are you sure in taking first step. "

The man had been carried away into this find. He has passed many days & nights in uneasiness and cravings. He could not bear wait any longer. He put his heart before her. And she had no way but believe in this. She accepted. And they wed together.

~ + ~

With the passage of some time, he came across on his way another girl who was splendidly beautiful. A most exquisitely refined masterpiece.

And now he started thinking again and his life getting worse!

~ + ~

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