March 16, 2008

Don't Break Hearts

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Don't Break Hearts

Once Bulleh Shah, the Sufi Sheikh of Qadri Shatari hierarchy was giving a sermon over fasting while he too was fasting himself. During the sermen, a devout woman came whose prayer was accepted and she had brought along with her some sweets to offer him out of celebration at her happiness. She was so much happy that she wished him to eat and he ate it hence dissolving his fast. Someone inquired him reasons about dissolving the fast, he replied that he did this to save her heart from breaking.

مسجد ڈھادے، مندر ڈھادے، ڈھادے جے کُجھ ڈھیندا اے
اِک بندے دا دل نا ڈھاویں، رب دِلاں وچ رہیندا اے
Masjid Dhhaa dey, mandar Dhhaa dey, Dhaa dey j kuj Dheynda e
ik bandey daa, dil naa DhaaweiN Rab dilaaN wich rahenda e

Demolish mosque, demolish temple, demolish whatever you can
Don't break heart of a man, God lives within hearts

- Bulleh Shah
Punjabi Poetry

(Thanks to my friend Hasan Raza Advocate who told this story at a juice corner in F8 Catchehry Islamabad)

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